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Services for Startup Businesses

For any of the below services, e-mail  Kala Dralle or call 253-573.2523.

Industry Trend Information
Want to dig deeper into what’s happening in your industry? Find out where the market is going? From restaurants to aerospace, the City can provide you with trend data for over 700 industry sectors.

Household Demographics and Consumer Expenditure
We can help you access information about local household demographics, powerful information for when you’re thinking about where to locate your new business. We can provide you with household and consumer expenditure information for over 50 categories, including food and women’s apparel.

Competitor Information
Before opening your doors, it’s always a good idea to check out the competition. Our business lists can help you find out who is already established in your industry.

Traffic Counts
Thinking about locating in a particular area but not sure if you’ll reach enough customers? We can provide you with detailed information on average daily traffic volumes for intersections throughout Tacoma.

Business Coaching
Want some individual advice about business trends in Tacoma? Or having trouble navigating the steps to starting your business? We work individually with businesses to provide customized information and resources.

Services for Established Businesses