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Home Based Business

Can I start a business out of my home?

When opening or operating a business out of your home, you must first make sure that the City of Tacoma zoning codes allow for the type of business you want to open in your location.

Most home businesses are allowed in all zoning areas of the City, with certain limitations. To find out if your type of business can be located at your home, call 253.591.5030 and choose Land Use and Zoning (Option 4), or you can speak with a Planner in person during walk-in hours.

Once you have that information, you can read the City of Tacoma municipal code zoning requirements or give Planning and Development Services a call at 253.591.5577 and they can help you determine if your business is allowed in your zone.

The City of Tacoma zoning allows me to operate my business out of my home. Is a license or permit needed?

Yes, any individual who owns or operates a business from a residence inside the city is required to obtain a City of Tacoma Business License, Home Occupation Agreement (HOA), and Certificate of Registration to legally operate.

What is a Home Occupation Agreement?

The Home Occupation Agreement is required regardless of the amount of revenue the business generates and whether the business is a part-time or full-time enterprise and requires a one-time fee of $75. If you change the type of services or goods your business is providing, you will be subject to another application and processing fee.

Home Occupation License Fee: $75*

* Make sure to check with Tax & Licensing division at 253.591.5252 for the most up-to-date license fees.